Скала Калирахис

Skala Kallirachi is a coastal village at the western part of the island Thassos. It comprised the harbor of the mountainous region of Kallirahi. Its distance is 21 km from Limenas and its population is 600 residents.
Skala Kallirachi incorporates a large harbor with small crafts and fishing vessels. In front or the village, the homonymic coastline is expanded while nearby you will be able to discover the beaches Klysma, Plaka and Lagkada.
The fishing huts by the sea are a landmark for the area. Those huts are used by the locals for the custody and supervision of the fishing boats during winter and for their residence during the olive collection.
In Skala Kallirachi the local co-up of producers of olive oil is located, where extra virgi organic olive oil is produced. Additionally, you can visit the local shops and purchase traditional home-made sweets in vases by local women’s co-ups.