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Лариса, област Тесалия, Гърция

Лариса е град разположен на средищно място и в северния край на лариското поле в плодородната равнина на географската област Тесалия. Надморската височина, на която е разположен е 67 м. Северно от града преминава най-голямата река в района – Пеней. Източно от Лариса минава важната автомобилна магистрала Солун-Атина, част от европейски път Е75.

In the region of the coastal of Larissa prefecture on the slopes of mountains Maurovounio, Kissavos and Olympus are builted dozens settlements of unique beauty and historical value. The spectacular views, sometimes over the Aegean Sea and sometimes the plain of Larissa and the Valley of Tempi is the main feature of most picturesque villages of the area.
Stone buildings, houses, bridges, cobblestone streets and squares set the stage for each of the traditional villages of the area.

The coastline of beaches Larissa reaches 50 kilometers starting from the beach of Mylos Glymeni the boundaries with the prefecture of Magnesia and rising to Messagala and Kastri Loutro limits of Pieria. At about 50 kilometers these there are over 20 beautiful beaches and small coves in shadow of Maurovounio, Kissavos and Olympus. Many of the beaches are organized with tourist facilities, others less or not at all-let in the hands of Mother Nature. Specific tourism development have beaches Agiokampos – Sotiritsa – Velika (a continuous beach over 10 km), Koutsoupia, Kokkino Nero, Stomio, Messagala and Kastri Loutro. Starting from the south to the north beaches in the series include: Mylos , Rakopotamos, Papakosta, Polydendri, Agiokampos, Kato Sotiritsa, Velika, Vrachakia (Velika), Paliouria, Koutsoupia, Kokkino Nero, Tsiligiorgos, Platia Ammos, Kalivi, Pigadi , Psarolakas, Panagias, Stomio, Alexandrini-Strintzos, Kouloura, Messagala and finally Kastri Loutro.