Апартаменти "Aristotelia" в Олимпиада, Халкидики, Гърция

Студиа и апартаменти и мезоенти за 4 - 6 души : 55 - 140 €

Олимпиада, Атон, Халкидики, Гърция

 OLYMPIADA is a small and beautiful village of 700 inhabitants, built by Greek refugees from Agia Kyriaki of Asia Minor (1923), along a very beautiful seashore, in the recess of the harbour. Over wooded mountains and the deep blue of the Aegean Sea with the enchanting beaches surround it, and that ideal environment is an attractive combination for a large number of visitors. They enjoy swimming into the crystal clear sea or rest themselves on organized sandy beaches under the hot Greek sun. Consider the historical background of Greece , Olympiada is one of the most important archaeological places because of Ancient Stageira , the native country of Aristotle the great philosopher. Ancient Stageira is located about 700m northeast of Olympiada over the two hills of a beautiful, small peninsula called Liotopi and during the period of summer archaeological excavations take place in that area.