Вила "Joanna" в Никити, Ситония, Халкидики

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Никити, Ситония, Халкидики, Гърция

 Nowadays, Nikiti (or Nikitas) is the capital town of the Sithonia Municipality and develops day to day especially in tourism. Its natural habitat is the biggest competitive advantage against tourism. In Nikiti you can find some of the most beautiful beaches in Greece, with crystal-clear water, sandy beaches, and easy access. Seaside Nikiti has a huge in width beach filled with people from all over the world with cafe-bars, restaurants and campings. As you walk towards the south the beach is more isolated.
The routes for the visitors are breath-taking with a variety of sceneries. There are plenty pine forests and of course beaches. There are many hotels, rooms-to-let, apartments, night clubs, bars, cafe and many more! The inhabitants of the town want the tourist development to continue, without destroying the natural habitat.
There are also many events in Nikiti. The biggest event of all is the annual swimming competition from one peninsula to the other (Crossing the Toroneos Gulf). The event has international fame and there concerts and many other things. In addition, there is the Honey Event where you can eat local foods with Honey made in Nikiti.
Futhermore, Nikiti is the biggest Honey Production Town in Greece. Honey "Sithon" is the most popular honey in Greece and in the South East Europe! You should taste it!
The tourist development has created beautiful ang gorgeous seaside buildings. The traditional village ,though, is by far the most beautiful. There are many stone houses built in 1830! They are renovated now by local people, Germans and Austrians. Walking in the central path of the vilage, you will find the big church of St. Nikitas, where you can see Nikiti from a big height.