остров Парос

Paros, is located 6 nautical miles from Naxos and 23 nautical miles from Syros. Its surface measures 195 km2. The name “ Paros ” comes from Paros, the son of Parassios of Arcadia who was settled in the island with some other colonists.
Paros is a mountainous island, and its highest peaks are Profitis Ilias (750m.) and Marpissa or Strouboula (730m). It has an elliptical shape with two big natural ports, Naoussa and Parikia. The landscape is serene with aquatic resources, flora, agriculture, important monuments and picturesque white villages bathed in the Aegean light.
The island has some quarries of the most famous white marble in the world, the marble of Paros or else “Lychnitis”. This marble is almost transparent. It has been used to build the most important monuments of the Classical period, like “Hermes of Praxitelis”, the “Niki of Samothraki” and the frontage of Delphi . The quarries of the “marble of “Paros” are situated between Parikia, Agios Minas and Naoussa.
Paros was also the motherland for many enlightened people like the great poet Archilohos, who was considered to be as important as a poet as Homer, and the sculptors Scopas, Aristion and Agoracritos.
It is an ideal place for vacations because it combines simplicity, serenity and seclusion with a rich cultural life, excellent tourist facilities and a cosmopolitan ambiance. Parikia, the capital and the main port of the island constitute the financial and tourist center of the island. Its worth to visit one of the most important Byzantine monuments which is connected with the Greek saints Helen and Saint Kontantine. There is also the interesting Venetian castle , the Asclepieon , the Pythion , the Delion with the temple of Artemis and the sanctuary of Apollo, the archaeological museum , the cave of Archilohos and the valley with the butterflies.
The picturesque fishermen's port of Naoussa surrounding the northern coast of the island and was in habitant by the ancient years because of its geographic location. Today was in habitat by almost 2.500 people and is the centre of nightlife of Paros. It is built between of the rocky area of Kolymbithres and the sandy beach of Laggeri , two of the most beautiful beaches of Naoussa.
Few of the sights you can visit are the Acropolis of koukounaries, the Venetian castle of 1 4 century , the Byzantine and post-Byzantine museum, the church of Mother Mary, the church of Agios Nikolaos and the monastery of Logovarda. The area is also well known for the beautiful beaches that has offer. Kolymbithres, Agioi Anargyri, Monastiri, Laggeri, Ambelas and Santa Maria are some of those. There, you can either relax and enjoy the sun and the beautiful sea, or enjoy yourself by windsurfing, water skiing or diving into the bright, blue water. The traditional village of Kostos impresses every visitor with its narrow roads and a square with bright green pine clad.
Lefkes is a mountainous village with bright green and an important folklore museum. Archilohos consists of two villages Marmara and Prodromos. Marmara is named after the marbles which are scattered through the village. It's worth to visit the old mansion of Saint Savvas and the beautiful beaches of Molos , Kalogeros , Tsocalia and Glyfades. Prodromos is the small village with the most impressive entrance of all the Parian villages. In order to enter the village, the visitor has to pass under an arch-shaped roof which unites the two small churches of St. Spyridon and Saint Nickolaos.
Agairia whose name comes from dry-stone walls that embrace the cultivated areas. There is the folklore museum of “SKORPIOS”.
At a distance of 17kms from Parikia you arrive to Marpissa or Tsimbidos, the largest village of the area. Built on a hill with its traditional pure white houses and many old churches. Less than one kilometer away is located Pisso Levidi, a picturesque settlement with a spotless sandy beach with trees where you can taste fresh fish.
Pisso Levidi is linked by boat to Naxos, Mykonos, Santorini and other islands. Nearby, the beach of Logaras with a blue flag is ideal for swimming and water sports. A little further lays Pounta, another famous sandy beach.
Southern come two of the best beaches of Mediterranean sea, Nea Chrisi Akti (Tserdakia) where the annual world cup of windsurfing take place and the long sandy beach of Chrisi Akti which has two windsurfing clubs and is especially suitable for learning to surf, as well as for top-class sailing.

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