Tavern Mouragio

Seats: 200  Open: all year 11.00 - 02.00

 Tavern Mouragio is located in the capital city of the Island of Thassos Limenas. It is situated in the bay of the old port in the immediate proximity of the beach and the sea waves. Its location and the irresistible dishes served there make Tavern Mouragio one of the most attractive places in the city. The outside garden, where you can enjoy your lunch or dinner calmly and relaxingly, is just on the sand strip of the beach, under the shadow of an ancient tree in its center. The cuisine is varied. All sorts of specialties from the Mediterranean cuisine are cooked, pasta with different fish species and seafood, salads, skewered meats, treated in a various way, selected wines and ouzo. Choose Mouragio for the days of your holiday and you would become a lover of the Greek tradition.

Manager: Antonis Kazantzis
Address: Limenas, Thassos Island, Greece
Mobile tel.: 0030 6976 513157
Tel.: 0030 25930 22667

Tarsanas Tavern

Seats: 200  Open: all year

 Tarsanas Tavern is located in Tarsanas complex just 800 meters away, walk out of town of Limenas and addressing the contribution to the port of Prinos. The Tavern is located on the coast, built in exquisite style and is surrounded by a flower garden. Tarsanas is a great place to try all the fresh seafood cooked in a great manner and ouzo appetizers, astakomakaronada and others. Every night tavern is the best place for entertainment, and every Monday for you to organize a Greek night. Tarsanas has its own beach bar and beach chairs.

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Manager name: Giorgos Gourgqiotis
Address: Limenas, Thassos Island, Greece
Mobile tel.: 0030 6945 334399
Tel.: 0030 25930 23933
Fax: 0030 25930 22333
E-mail: info@tarsanas.gr

Mythos Tavern

Seats: 180 Open: all year 09.00 – 02.00  

The tavern Mythos is located nearby the old port of the town of Limenas, isle of Thassos, next to the sea waves and the tiny fishing boats. Mythos is a traditional Greek tavern offering an exceptional environment and tranquility at the very sea coast. The tavern always offers fresh local fish, home-made pizzas, baked on stone, Greek and international cuisine. One of the places that you must visit coming to Limenas is Mythos tavern. Service in Bulgarian is also available.

Manager name: Georgios Fragioglou
Address: Limena, Thassos Island, Greece
Mobile tel.: 0030 6975 861077
Fax: 0030 25930 23485
e-mail: mythost@otenet.gr

Tavern Mouses

Seats: 200 Open:  all year  Category: tavern-pizzeria

 Welcome to Mouses, one of the most well-known and dedicated taverns on Thassos! Located just 100 meters from the main ferry port of the island, in the capital town of Limenas; we’ve been serving and providing delicious meals in a warm and delightful atmosphere for over 8 years! We offer a large variety of fresh salads made with vegetables from our own organic gardens, fresh fish that is brought to us from local fishermen that made the catch in clean Thassos waters, the popular “Kotosouvli”, which is a delicious pork roast on a spit and many more.
Our Pizzeria and Italian kitchen “Le Muse” is a true delight, offering the most enticing Italian pasta dishes and mouthwatering pizzas made with home-made dough and the freshest of ingredients. Choose from a variety of delicious pastas such as tortellini, tagliatelle, spaghetti, ravioli and linguine and a large selection of rich sauces and toppings.
Maps of the tavern

Address: Limenas, Thassos Island, Greece
Tel.: 0030 25930 23697
Web site: www.taverna-mouses.gr

Simi Restaurant

Seats: 200  Open: all year  Category: restaurant

 Simi Restaurant is located at the old port of Limena of Thassos Island.
From 1952, offering a comfortable and diachronic dinning area conserving the Greek traditions enhanced with artistic streaks and color, harmonized, in a very friendly environment with emphasis on quality and divine flavors. Enjoy from early noon until midnight hours our selected dishes, fine Greek wine, coffee, ice cream and traditional deserts of the island. Here you will find quality varieties of traditional flavors with fresh fish, seafood and meat. Special starters and cool salads ready to impress you.
For all the above, we ask you to enjoy a pleasant tasty experience in a family environment with the warmest service.

Manager name: Andreas
Address: Limenas, Thassos Island, Greece
Mobile tel.: 0030 6945 995 987
Tel.: 0030 25930 22517
Web site: www.thassos-restaurant.gr

Pizza Da Remo

Seats: 150 Open: all year 10.00 – 2.00 Category: pizzeria

Pizza Da Remo is situated in the center of Limenas, Thassos Island, near to the port. It is closer to the Sea on the main street, in front of the fun-fair. Pizza The Remo offer a great variety of pizza, pasta and pasty ware from The Italian cuisine, fillets “ala cream” of every description, cutlets and variety of roast meat. The pizzeria offer comfortable and cool summer garden whit splendid view of the Sea. Enjoying your summer vacation in Thassos, do not lose an occasion to visit Pizza Da Remo.

Manager name: Vasilis Batsigiannis
Address: Limenas, Thassos Island, Greece
Tel.: 0030 25930 22890; 0030 25930 23490

Thessaloniki Tavern

Seats: 100 Open: all year 11.00 – 12.00

“Thessaloniki” tavern is located at the very port of Limenas, 200 meters away from the ferry-boats arriving. It is a comfortable place for anybody looking for good cuisine, either coming to, or leaving the island. The tavern has a large parking lot for 400 cars, where you can safely park your vehicle in the center of Limenas. The establishment provides every evening for you “live music” and lots of pleasant experiences.

Manager name: Grigoris
Address: Limenas, Thassos Island, Greece
Mobile tel.: 0030 6936 825730

Mesogeos Tavern

Seats: 130 Open: all year 11.00 – 02.00

“Mesogeos” tavern is situated on the sea coast of Limenas, 100 meter away from the new town port. Considering its location, it is a perfect place for a meal before “parting” with the island, or just waiting for the ferry-boat to the opposite coast. “Mesogeos” is a traditional Greek tavern, built up in a modern style, with a wonderful summer garden. Local Greek dishes and local brandies are offered. The specialties of the chef are “Mesogeos” salad, “Mesogeos” pork and “kleftiko”. Visiting the restaurant, you can always rely on tasting fresh fish and seafood delicacies.

Manager name: Athina Dalakoura
Address: Limena, Thassos Island, Greece
Tel.: 0030 25930 23319

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